NOTE: This guide is specific to my Counter-Strike server, a CS:Source server that I'm given to turn on on occasion that mostly deals with co-op human versus bots games. If you're not interested in playing on this specific server, you probably won't find anything of much worth here (not that you would anyway)...

CS Steam Install
Core Add-on Files
Additional Map Packs
Skype Setup
Quick CS FAQ
Notes on system optimization


Here's a link that goes to the stats page for the server ( For the time being, the stats server and the game server are one in the same (opening the website will show the IP address as my cheapo webhost won't allow for open ended server naming).

The password to login to the server is 'fluffy' (sans quotes of course).

CS Source Install

If you do not already have Steam installed, this is my quick and dirty guide. Go to and get the Steam client .  ‘Steam' is a software distribution application that Valve serves their games through.  You'll need to install the client and create an account.  Make sure you print off the verification page with your e-mail and password as you will not get any ‘hard' copies of the software.  If you lose/forget your account or password, you will be boned.  The one advantage of this method of distribution is that if you want to play at a different computer, just download Steam, login and wa-la, you can play any of the games you've purchased. 

Now if you noticed on the Steam front page, they're selling CounterStrike:Source for...some stupid price. It retails for $20.00, but can be had for sale several times during the year.

Add-On Files

Right now the only add-on file I'm working with is the hostage replacement skins/voices listed after the directions...

In the attached pic you'll see two windows, one has the zip and the folder to which it has been extracted and the second folder has the Cstrike program folder that the game uses.  Obvious note!: the path in the game folder should be the same except where it says ‘slmcnutt' it will have YOUR e-mail alias there.  Okay, so here's what I did if it isn't obvious by now – I right click dragged the extracted ‘cstrike' folder to the ‘Counter-Strike' folder (marked ‘CS Steam Folder') and clicked ‘copy', “overwriting” the existing ‘cstrike' folder (well not really overwriting, but that's what retarded Windows says you're doing).  YOU SHOULD GET A DIALOG BOX ASKING YOU TO OVERWRITE THE EXISTING FOLDERS, IF YOU DO NOT, YOU DID NOT DO IT PROPERLY.  Say yes to overwrite all. (As a note, Counter-Strike only uses the cstrike folder to store custom stuff, as is what we're doing here.  The actual game is stored in a huge file two layers above this in the ‘steamapps' folder.  IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT SCREWING UP YOU CSTRIKE FOLDER, JUST BACK IT UP, IT SHOULD ONLY BE A COUPLE MEGABYTES ).

I'm probably given to add-on packs for now for new features and maps. I'll get around to packing it all together again at some point:

Skype Setup

Okay, this is semi-optional .  We've been using Skype to talk to each other while the game is going on.  Although CounterStrike has an in-game voice command function, it's basically CB radio (you hold down a key to save a file, and then it is sent out), and the quality sucks.  As well, its worthless if I have to take the server down for some reason, or in between map changes.  Skype itself is free, but you'll need to pick up a stereo headset down at CompUSA; a buddy said the in-house brand is like $15 or $20.  Anyway, if you want to go this route, download Skype ( ), and email me your account name so that I can plug it into the conference call.  Again, it's semi-optional, you don't have to go this route if you don't want to, but I don't know how else you'll be able to tell everyone else on the server how much they suck eggs. (NOTE: Although Skype works great as a standalone app, it is a resource hog (CPU particularly) so even a slightly older system may have an issue pushing both Skype and CS at the same time, though it may have no problem running each individually. As well, the conference call feature tops out at five people, so if we ever have more than that, we may have to break up into squads.)


This site has a lot of good tips, but in particular, they recommend two config file changes that are rather invaluable, activate these two lines which are found in the config.cfg file which is located in the aforementioned cstrike folder:

  1. Set 'hud_centerid' to equal 1. This keeps you from having to look into the lower left corner of your play window to determine friend or foe and name.
  2. Set 'hud_fastswitch' to equal 1. This allows you to change weapons either as soon as a the corresponding number key is pressed or your mousewheel is scrolled to it. Normally you have to scroll to your chosen weapon and push the fire key.

I'll make one more suggestion, swap the voice menu command bound to 'c' with the crouch command bound to 'left ctrl'. Crouching is invaluable for accuracy and performing slightly higher jumps and it's too difficult to press 'left ctrl' + space (for the crouch jump) in any coordinated manner.

If you want a custom spray, this site has some good directions. Though doing a Google search for Counter Strike Sprays turns a bunch of stuff up as well (no pr0n sprays on Sandmich's server please). I've packed the sprays I've made into this file in case you're in need of inspiration.

This site has directions on restoring the real weapon names since the game uses fake names due to a lack of licenses.

Quick CS FAQ

I just want to clarify the names of the products and a little. First, there was Half-Life, one of the greatest PC games ever made. Then some guys got together and made a tactical mod called Counter-Strike. This mod borrows textures, models, sounds, etc. from the original game (the hostages and desert textures come to mind). This version of Counter-Strike is the mod version and required Half-Life to run, though a semi retail product of it shipped which was basically the CS mod and just enough of Half-Life to make it work (the mod version is what Sandmich's server runs). The mod was so successful that the developers of Half-Life brought the CS developers in-house to develop a 'real' product. Eventually they released Counter-Strike:Condition Zero (CS:CZ), which was a tuned version of the original mod version and an official bot (the original mod version didn't ship with a bot (i.e. a computer opponent), but there are a variety of third party bots for it (Sandmich's server runs the PoD bot). When Half-Life 2 came out, they also released CS:Source ('Source' being a nickname for the game engine if I remember correctly), and since the older version was now an official product and was semi-divorced from the Half-Life game people began referring to it as CS:Steam. So wrapping up, here are the three iterations of Counter-Strike:

  1. Counter-Strike:Steam (CS:Steam)- The original 'mod' version being run on Sandmich's server.
  2. Counter-Strike:Condition Zero (CS:CZ)- A glorified retail version of the original mod product.
  3. Counter-Strike:Source (CS:Source, or Counter-Strike 2)-The new version of CS based on the Half-Life 2 Source engine.



-Last updated on December 2, 2011